About Us

Bridge Woods Field Archery club was formed in 1991 at Bridge Woods, Buckmore Park, Chatham. The construction of the Channel Tunnel rail link caused the closure of this ground and the club relocated to Beacon Hill, Chattenden in 1997. Unfortunately this land was sold in 2008 by our landlords, the MOD, and the Club moved again this time to Berry Court Wood.

Berry Court Wood is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so it is important that our use of the Woods protects this special environment. The number of members using the wood is strictly controlled by an agreement with Natural England who oversee the protection of the wood under its SSSI status.

The course is made up of 2 loops each of 20 targets, with 6 practice butts located behind the club hut and toilet facilities.

Shooting can be up to 365 days a year, however as we share the Woods with the owners, guests and others and it may be necessary to close the club grounds on occasion, but at present we think that this will only be around 10 days a year. Club members are notified in advance of these closures.

We hold at least 2 open shoots a year, NFAS Open shoots and Longbow only shoots for the International Longbow Archers Association (ILAA).

We run training courses, with NFAS certified coaches, during the winter at an indoor venue. If you are interested please contact our membership secretary (see contacts for details).