Welcome to Bridge Woods Field Archery Club

We are a small friendly Club in Berry Court Wood, Hoo. The Club practices and promotes the sport of Field Archery, and is affiliated to the National Field Archery Society (NFAS) www.nfas.net . We shoot all styles of bows as allowed by the NFAS e.g. Longbow, Recurve and Compounds. All archers must be members of the NFAS to be allowed to shoot on our grounds.

Because our site is a designated SSSI we are unable to allow dogs to accompany their Archer on open shoots.

Field archery simulates hunting by shooting at either life size foam creatures or pictures of animals (in Britain it is illegal to shoot at any living creature with a bow and arrow). You walk round a course laid out by the club’s field officer and shoot at targets set at varying but unknown distances.

NFAS rounds usually have a “walk-up” format, where the archer starts at the furthest peg from the target and proceeds to nearer pegs if necessary. The first arrow is shot from the red peg, or sometimes a “wasp peg” for compound archers. If the scoring area is not hit with the first arrow, the archer will proceed to the white peg for their second shot. If a third and final shot is required, the archer will proceed to the blue peg.



Kevin Kitchener


Membership Secretary

Lee Brown

Currently closed for new memberships – see “News” page.


Open Shoot Organiser

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